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 LizardWarrior's Concept

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PostSubject: LizardWarrior's Concept   Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:08 am

Even if the project is dead or not I will wrote my concept.This is my view of Lizard Town and suggestions for mod.

First one,name:Hill keep.What?Hill keep?A town named from two words isn't good.No,no,no!Let's find only one word,let's say just Keep,sounds better than hill keep.The jungle theme is okay,it works also with town name:a huge stone structure in the middle of the jungle.Some jurasic elements will be great.

Heroes Classes.One might and one magic.A lot will suggest for magic shaman,witch-doctor
voo-doo priest.Shaman is good and change fortress commander(or replace fortress).At might
let's say Assasin.

Level 1:Toxic Spider

Level 1 Upg:Black Widow

Level 2:Hunter

Level 2 Upg:Slayer

Level 3:???

Level 4:Templar

Level 4 Upg:Spectre

Level 5:Dinosauroid

Level 5 Upg:Armored Dinosauroid

Level 6:Alsosaur

Level 6 Upg:T-rex

Level 7:Deep Serpent

Level 7 Upg:Deep Wyrm

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LizardWarrior's Concept
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