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 My HOMM6 Idea: HOMM4 System Improved

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PostSubject: My HOMM6 Idea: HOMM4 System Improved   Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:16 am

I don't know how many people agree with me on this, but my perfect HOMM6 is a perfect HOMM4. What I mean is that it follows a simular style but with upgrades, alt. upgrades, new towns, WAY more balance... I could go on for a long time, but I won't. Instead, I'll list my town ideas.

Haven: Holy Griffin Empire. Can't be a game without it. Very Happy
Dungeon: Dark Elves and their minions. Twisted Evil
Ruins: Escaped Beastmen (including minotaur) and their swamp allies. Neutral
Fortress: Dwarves are back, but with more mechanical units, so no more 6 tiers of dwarves! Very Happy
Inferno: Classical demons. NO INFERNOPOLIS! Twisted Evil
Necropolis: Undead town with vamps and zombies as usual. Twisted Evil
Village: Renamed Sylvan. It's still the classical tree hugging race:). Very Happy
Strongehold: Same as TotE really, but a more classical feel. (Trolls, Ogres and cyclops ) Neutral
Temple: A water based Naga town! Lots of new creatures to HOMM in this town. (Sirens and Kraken) Neutral
Acadamey: Wizard's faction. Very Happy
Hive: A faction of bugs that worship a hive queen... er, something. Twisted Evil

Key: Neutral Neutral faction Very Happy Good Faction Twisted Evil Evil Faction

I'll post more details about each town later. By the way, it's set on Ashan, not Axeoth.

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PostSubject: Re: My HOMM6 Idea: HOMM4 System Improved   Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:21 pm


Tier 1. Falcon: A weak unit with Flying being it's only ability.
Upg. Tier 1. Sun Hawk: A slightly stronger creature with Flying and Spiritual* for abilities. See Image
Alt. Tier 1. Moon Raven: A shadowy version of Sun Hawk, with Flying and Strike and Return.
2 Tier 1. Spearman: An average unit with no abilities.
2 Upg. Tier 1. Pikeman: Much stronger than Spearmen with a Long Attack ability added.
2 Alt. Tier 1. Halberdier: Adds the Town Guard** ability and much more attack.
Tier 2. Footman: A purely defencive creature with the Shield*** ability.
Upg. Tier 2. Squire: With even higher defence and the Stun ability, this is an annoying creature. (Like "I AM") Laughing
Alt. Tier 2. Imperial Guard: Adds a bit to offence while still keeping the Shield ability and getting Town Guard.
2 Tier 2. Archer: The first Haven Shooter with no other abilities.
2 Upg. Tier 2. Marksman: Adds No Range Penalty and more attack.
2 Alt. Tier 2. Crossbowman: Has Double Shot and much more ammo and defence.
Tier 3. Monk: Has Shooter and Hope**** for abilities.
Upg. Tier 3. Priest: Adds attack and shots.
Alt. Tier 3. Zealot: Has No Melee Penelty.
2 Tier 3. Balista: Has the always welcome Attack Walls ability and Mechanical. Large Creature.
2 Upg. Tier 3. Steel Balista: Tougher to take down. Large Creature.
2 Alt. Tier 3. Enchanted Balista: To explain, the wizards made this balista magical. It's faster and has more attack. Large Creature.
Tier 4. Griffin: A very fast Flying creature with Unlimited Retaliations. Large Creature.
Upg. Tier 4. Holy Griffin: Now has Darkness Shield*****. Large Creature.
Alt. Tier 4. Imperial Griffin: Is faster and has more attack. Large Creature.
2 Tier 4. General: A man in very nice armor. Has Aura of Bravery and War Hero******.
2 Upg. Tier 4. Dragon Slayer: Is now wearing a dragon hide cloak. Adds Giant Slayer to his abilities. See Image
2 Alt. Tier 4. Paladin: His armor is extremely shiny. He now has Darkness Shield and Hope.
Tier 5. Angle: Has the abilities Spiritual and Darkness Shield. Large Creature.
Upg. Tier 5. Arch Angle: Is much faster and can cast Resurrection and Bless. Large Creature.
Alt. Tier 5. Seraphim: Has much more attack and can cast Curse and also has Heavenly Blade*******. Large Creature.
2 Tier 5. Calvery: Mounted General. Has Charge, Aura of Bravery and high speed. Large Creature.
2 Upg. Tier 5. Champion: Now has War Hero as well. Large Creature.
2 Alt. Tier 5. Heavenly Knight: Can cast Mass Bless and has Heavenly Blade. Large Creature. See Image
The Haven hasn't changed much other than many new creatures, a feature all towns have. However, the purpose of Falcons reflects the Holy Falcon Empire's rule.

Ability Descriptions
* This creature is neither dead nor living and is immune to spells that only effect the living. Spells that work on Undead don't work either.
** This creature gains 5 defence when defending it's native town.
*** Increases defence against ranged attacks by 60%.
**** Increases attack versus Undead or Demonic creatures.
***** Increases defence against Twisted Evil creatures by 20%.
****** Increases all friendly creatures Moral by 2. This can stack up.
******* When this creature attacks a Demonic or Undead creature, it always kills at least one. It doesn't do anything one would have already been killed.

Heroes (Knight, Cleric)

ORRIN: Orrin trained with one of the Griffin Empire's best seige tacticians during his early military service. Any archers under his command learn quickly to shoot at targets behind obstacles.

Specialty: Griffin Archer: Orrin receives a 5% per level bonus to his Archery skill and starts with a bow.

INGHAM: Ingham maintained a modest monastary in the years before the Demon attack. He and his monks were quickly pressed into the service of the crown.

Specialty: Modest Monk: Ingham increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Monks, Priests, or Zealots he commands for each level he attains after the 3th level.

REX MUNDI: Rex Mundi had few interests as a child, so a knight's life seemed as good a career as any. However, under the guidance of his commanders, he soon learned to enjoy the discipline. Now, this veteran often trains young recruits, giving them some direction just as the military did for him.

Specialty: Infantry Trainer: All Footmen, Squires, and Imperial Guards in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of Rex Mundi, starting on first level.

KLAUS: Rigorously trained but coming from a poor noble family in a backwater of the Griffin Empire, Klaus might have remained unknown if luck had not smiled upon him. Thrust into the most difficult level of a jousting tournament through a simple accident of misfiled parchment, he stunned the crowds by unseating some of the greatest names of the Empire. Since that day, his feats have earned him the devotion of all mounted warriors.

Specialty: Cavalry Commander: All Calvery, Champions, and Heavenly Knights in Klaus's army get additional jousting bonus as Klaus gains new levels. Klaus's "Retaliation Strike" ability is more powerful.

BERTRAND: A hard-drinking, tobacco-chewing leader of Pikemen, Bertrand is never so happy as when he is on the field of battle, leading his men into the teeth of an enemy's defenses. Uninterested in theology, religion, politics, aristocrats, gods, or philosophy, Bertrand will always be found at the head of a mass of inspired troops, charging ever forward to victory.

Specialty: Veteran Pikeman: All Spearmen, Pikemen, and Halberdiers in Bertrand's army recieve 1 attack and defence for every level of the hero after the second level.

SAINT CHRISTIAN: During the war, Christian proved himself to be a loyal and valuable member of the military. He is a committed and organized commander who provides his service and adventurous spirit to any and all worthy causes. Over time he was allowed into the Order of the Paladins. He soon became a valued leader of the Heavenly ones.

Specialty: Saint: All Generals, Dragon Slayers, and Paladins in Christain's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on second level.

The Dungeon and Ruins are here!

Tier 1. Spy: A dark elf in a cloak holding a knife like HOMM5 but no crossbow. Has the ability Spying*.
Upg. Tier 1. Assasin: The cloak is changed from gray to bright red and the knife is dripping with poison. Gets the ability Poison Attack.
Alt. Tier 1. Rouge: Now has two knives and a dull green cloak as well as a mask on. Gains the ability Hoarding**.
2 Tier 1. Sniper: Simular to Spies but the robe is black and he has a crossbow. Has the abilities Shooter and No Range Penelty.
2 Upg. Tier 1. Deepwood Sniper: His robe is brown with a hood down, revealing green(ish) hair. To explain a little bit, these dark elven snipers went to spy on Wood Elves for 5 years. They also have the Spying ability.
2 Alt. Tier 1. Royal Sniper: His cloak is bright gold and he has a shortsword. He is much faster and and loses No Range Penelty to gain No Melee Penelty.
Tier 2. Blood Fury: Basicaly the Blood Maiden from HOMM5. Has Strike and Return. See Image
Upg. Tier 2. Blood Maiden: Looks more like the Blood Sister. Has Strike and Return and No Enemy Retaliation.
Alt. Tier 2. Blood Sister: Has bright red hair and a black dragon tatoo on her left cheek. Has Strike and Return and Sacrifice***.
2 Tier 2. Minion: Looks like a shadow of a Blood Sister with glowing yellow eyes and black mist where legs should be. Has Teleport and Undead. It's extremely weak compaired to most Tier 2s.
2 Upg. Tier 2. Shadow: The mist has swirls of white mixed in. Now has the ability Incoarpral. It's a tiny bit stronger than Minions.
2 Alt. Tier 2. Abyssal Minion: The eyes are glowing red now and it's holding a ball of red mist, which it throws at enemies. Gains the abilities Shooter and No Melee Penelty. Also, Demonic replaces Undead.
Tier 3. Minotaur Slave: A Minotaur thats in chains with the muzzle and everything. Has glowing yellow eyes. Has Bravery and Unwilling Servace****. See Image
Upg. Tier 3. Bull Minotaur: This Minotaur's fur has turned gray. He is holding an enormouss axe. Now has Cleave.
Alt. Tier 3. Chained Minotaur: Is in more chains than ever. It now has glowing red eyes and claws. Now has Aura of Fear and Demonic.
2 Tier 3. Twisted Stone: An Earth Elemental like creature that's more lizard like. Matches the underground rock. It's Elemental and has Immunity to Earth. Large Creature.
2 Upg. Tier 3. Corrupt Stone: Has more stalagmites on his body and has glowing yellow eyes. It now has Spiked*****. Larged Creature.
2 Alt. Tier 3. Demonic Stone: Is now made of magma with bright yellow fire coming from it's eyes. Now has Magma Shield****** and Demonic replaces Elemental. Large Creature.
Tier 4. Shadow Witch: Like the HOMM5 Shadow Witch. Can cast Shadowed Hand# and Curse.
Upg. Tier 4. Demon Witch: Like the Shadow Witch, but with glowing red eyes and Succubus horns. Has the spells Shadowed Hand, Curse, and Corruption##. She is also Demonic.
Alt. Tier 4. Shadow Mistress: Has the same dragon tatoo as blood sisters. No glowing eyes (finaly). Can cast Shadowed Hand, Mass Curse, Mass Slow and Slow.
2 Tier 4. Dark Rider: More like the Warloc's mount from HOMM5 than the units but still the dark elf rides it. Has Charge. Large Creature.
2 Upg. Tier 4. Demonic Rider: The lizard has fire coming from it's eyes and is covered with spikes. Gains Demonic and Spiked. Large Creature.
2 Alt. Tier 4. Elite Rider: Wearing a golden robe simular Royal Snipers. Has Charge and Lizard Bite. Large Creature.
Tier 5. Red Dragon: The Red Dragon from HOMM2 but on all fours and less cartoony. Has Flying and Breath Attack. Extra Large Creature.
Upg. Tier 5. Black Dragon: Same as above but with the Black Dragon. Now it has Hoarding. Extra Large Creature. See Image
Alt. Tier 5. Corrupt Dragon: Has lava coming from cracks in it's stone-like skin. Flaming eyes again. Gains Demonic and Magma Shield. Extra Large Creature.
2 Tier 5. Cave Hydra: 3 headed Hydra, has greenish skin. Has Three-Headed Attack. Large Creature.
2 Upg. Tier 5. Tunnel Hydra: 6 heads with more of a purple skin colour. Six-Headed Strike replaces Three-Headed Strike. They now also have Poison Attack. Large Creature. See Image
2 Alt. Tier 5. Infernal Hydra: Like the Corrupt Dragon in a way, with cracked, lava-spiling skin and all. Twisted Evil Has Six-Headed Strike and Magma Shield. Large Creature.
The Dungeon now has many Demonic creatures. This is because of the fact the Demons came for their alligence and in return, taught them dark secrets and "empowered" some of their armies. The Demons, of course, had no interest in an alliance. The only wanted an inside group that couldn't be banished in the same way they could.
Ability Descriptions
* Adds information to your Thieves Guild. This can stack.
** After battle, every one creature in this stack earns X gold, where X is the Tier of the creature times three.
*** Spend the turn to kill a friendly stack and recover lost hit points and fallen creatures. Activated
**** If this creature is forced on to the opponents side, they will stay there.
***** Everytime this creature is attacked, the attacker is injured for 50% of the damage.
****** Whenever this creature is attacked, the attacker is injured for 75% of the damage.
# Damages a target and sends them flying to a selected area.
## Targeted creature is treated as Demonic and joins your army for the duriation of the spell.

Heroes (Warloc, Overlord)

DACE: Dace, in the heat of battle, has proven false loyalty to his dark elven masters. Over time, the rulers of Ygg'Chal believed Dace was trustworthy enough to be a leader of their armies. They had thought Dace will spread good rumors of dark elves. Dace almost fell for it, but when the elves made a pact with demons, Dace changed his mind. Now he hopes to free all minotaur from wizards, dark elves, or any other force and join up with his brother Calistar. (Overlord)

Specialty: Their Last Hope: All Minotaur Slaves, Bull Minotaurs, and Chained Minotaurs in Dace's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level. Also, they have the Hope ability.

FLAYM: Flaym is an unpredictable efreet leader that was sent by other demons to keep watch on their "allies". Unfortunately, the word has spread that he will sacrifice his own troops if need be. The only reason they continue fighting for him is they fear Flaym more than death... (Overlord)

Specialty: Sacrificial Commander: Once per battle, Flaym can sacrifice a friendly stack to recover lost health, equal to the sacrificed stack's health.

SCOURAGE: Scorage's actions are ruled by his instincts, no matter the situation. If he is hungry and has no money, he steals some food. If he dislikes someone or some thing, he attacks it. This behavior might make many enemies, but Scorage rarely lets them live for long. (Overlord)

Specialty: Quick Knives: Scourage can use the ability Double Strikes.

MELESTO: At a younge age, Melesto found that by snapping his fingers, he could make a small fire appear. Over time, he prefected this talent and became a master of the Fireball. (Warloc)

Specialty: Flaming Talent: Melesto has improved skills in Fire Magic.

NASYAVV: Nasyavv is often called the "Warrior's Sorceress" because she gets along well with the common grunt. Besides, someone with her power is always good to have around. Often, mercenaries follow her from war to war because Nasyavv always joins the side with the best chance of victory. (Warloc)

Specialty: Warrior's Sorceress: All Spys, Assassins, and Rouges in Nasyavv's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

YRBETH: Having once been able to meditate to recover her mana, Yrbeth was driven mad by demonic corruption. She couldn't think clear enough to lead troops, never mind recharge mystic energy! She was about to be exhiled or fed to a hydra, when the first minions appeared. They were built up in the dark elf's mind, and as soon as they were released, she could think again. But she still fears to meditate, should the fiends come back... (Warloc)

Specialty: Madness: All Minions, Shadows, and Abyssal Minions in Yrbeth's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level. Also, increases the growth rate of Minions, Shadows, and Abyssal Minions while this hero is in the town by two.

YRWANNA: Wherever Yrwanna goes she is followed by a retinue of admirers who praise her beauty. But there is a keen intellect hidden behind the stunning appearance, and Yrwanna knows well how to using her looks to achieve her goals. Though Yrwanna has been known to sacrifice hundreds of her followers to achieve victory, it has not weakened the loyalty of her troops. (Overlord)

Specialty: Blood Mistress: All Blood Maidens, Blood Furies and Blood Sisteres in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

RANLETH: Its roots as old as the dark elves' themselves, hatred of the dwarves runs deep in Ygg-Chall. Ranleth comes from an old family who has guarded its lineage as it has nursed its grievances, and the greatest of these is against the Dwarves. Her family slaughtered almost to extinction twice during the Wars under the Mountain, Ranleth thinks of little other than vengeance against the dwarves and those who would dare to befriend them. (Warloc)

Specialty: Hatred: Ranleth, and any who follow her, deal more damage to dwarvern units and heroes, depending on the hero's level.

Tier 1. Troglodyte: More frog-like than in other games, but still remains eyeless. Has Immunity to Blind.
Upg. Tier 1. Swamp Troglodyle: He now has a little spear in one hand and swamp moss on his back. Gains many new stats, but no new abilities.
Alt. Tier 1. Infernal Troglodyte:Has spikes on his back and sharper teeth. He's Demonic now.
2 Tier 1. Faun: Usual Faun apearance. He's extremely Mirthful*.
2 Upg. Tier 1. Satyr: Half goats, like Fauns, but playing a panpipe. Can cast Mirth. See Image
2 Alt. Tier 1. Elder Faun: Taller with bigger horns and gray fur. Has no new abilities but is extremely strong. (For Tier 1)
Tier 2. Lizardman: Yep, even Lizardmen are Beastmen. Blue scales, btw. Has Shooter as a special.
Upg. Tier 2. Lizard Warrior: He's got a shirt (sound familiar?) and green scales. Now has No Melee Penelty.
Alt. Tier 2. Lizard Sharpshooter: Now wears a cloak and hood. Red scales this time. Has Double Shot.
2 Tier 2. Slith: They're my own creation (well, the name) with a Lizardman-like upper body and the tail of a snake. White Scales on this round. Has Shooter, but different stats than Lizardmen. Large Creature.
2 Upg. Tier 2. Ancient Slith: Slithi (yes, thats the plural) are my favorite race. This one has spikes running down it's back and gray scales with a white belly. Now has Arrow Rain**. Large Creature.
2 Alt. Tier 2. Poisonous Slith: Is now a sickly green colour with a near-yellow green belly. Now has Poison Attack and Poison Arrows. Large Creature.
Tier 3. Minotaur: As I promised, Ruins have Minotaurs Smile They have Bravery.
Upg. Tier 3. Minotaur Beastmaster: Now wears heavier clothing (oppesed to none Wink ) and has gray fur. He also holds the Cleave ability.
Alt. Tier 3. Labyrinth Guard: Is wearing battle armour and holding an enormous axe and wants to crush with it. And he's got Town Guard and Darkness Shield to help him.
2 Tier 3. Harpy: Do I really need to explain? Has the good old harpy Strike and Return and Flying. See Image
2 Upg. Tier 3. Harpy Hag: Harpy Hags. Horrible, ugly, bird women. Also, annoying ones! Strike and Return + No Enemy Retaliation + Flying = Bad Birdies Twisted Evil
2 Alt. Tier 3. Skree: Read about these in a monsterology booklet (not the book called Monsterology!). They look a lot like Harpies and foretell doom. They have Strike and Return and Demoralize***.
Tier 4. Dragonkin: They are a mix of human and dragon looking a bit like a Lizardman\Wingless Dragon Centaur thing. Has dark blue scales. He can use the ability Dragonkin Fire****. Large Creature.
Upg. Tier 4. Fireguard: He now has armour and head fins to go nicely with his blood red scales. He now also has the ability Immunity to Fire. Large Creature.
Alt. Tier 4. Deathscale: This one, as his name suggests, is pitch black with a bright white belly and horns on his head. He also has the ability Death Blow*****. Large Creature.
2 Tier 4. Wolfman: Yah, it's one of the Beastmen. Who knows, though? Ubisoft might think this as a Beastman. I mean, we've only seen one... Anyway abilities: Lycanthrope's Curse******.
2 Upg. Tier 4. Werewolf: This one has more wolfish features than Wolfmen, like an acual tail and such. They now have the ability Full Moon*******.
2 Alt. Tier 4. Lycanthrope: Now we`re back in Wolfmanville! They would look identical if it weren't for the gray hair and ripped clothes. He now can use Poison Attack.
Tier 5. Giant Frog: When I said swamp allies, I meant swamp allies. This guy's the most enormous fantasy frog ever. His abilities are Death Blow and Hop********. Large Creature.
Upg. Tier 5. Enormous Frog: No wait, THIS is the most enormous fantasy frog ever! Abilities stay the same but this is one of the most powerful creatures in the game! Extra Large Creature. See Image
Alt. Tier 5. Giant Toad: And this would would be the most enormous fantasy toad ever! The abilities are Poison Attack, Death Blow and Hop. Large Creature.
2 Tier 5. Basilisk: An emormous 6-legged lizard with a small frill, or maybe afro lol! Abilities: Petrify.
2 Upg. Tier 5. Greater Basilisk: This one has a much larger frill and a horn on the end of his nose. He can Petrify and Charge his enemies.
2 Alt. Tier 5. Sacred Basilisk: Still more of these names. Well, this one's frill is red and no bigger than the others. He also has swamp moss on his back. He can Petrify and Lizard Bite.
The Ruins just want to peacefully disappear from reality as far as anyone knows. But one thing is stopping them. They need ALL the Beastmen. The Dungeon and Temple seem happy taking as many merpeople and minotaur as they please, and the Ruins must go to war again...

Ability Descriptions
* Always has at least 2 moral.
** Target an area on the battlefield. This creature then shoots 5 arrows into the air. Three turns later, all five hit the selected area. Activated ability.
*** Enemy moral -1
**** Once per battle, the creature can use a turn to breath fire that hurts everything two spaces in front of caster. Activated ability.
***** This creature has a 5% chance to kill an extra enemy. This ability stacks with size. (20 creatures = 100%)
****** This creature is immune to Dark Magic because the darkest magic surronds it.
******* During Full Moon, this creature`s attack, speed, and defence are doubled.
******** Twice per battle, this creature may jump on any area without obstacles, dealing huge damage to anyone it lands on. Activated ability.

Heroes (Beastmaster, Witch)

CALISTAR: At a younge age, dark elves came to Calistar's farm and took his brother, Dace, for slavery. The two never met again. Since then, Calistar turned his anger into battle power. Calistar is somewhat of a hero among minotaurs. His bold raids have brought back more wealth than three other minotaurs combined, and he has defeated countless challengers in feats of strength. Even worse, Calistar is beginning to believe all the remarkable things people say about him. (Beastmaster)

Specialty: Minotaurs' Hero: All Minotaurs, Minotaur Beastmasters, and Labyrinth Guards in Calistar's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

BRON: Bron, though human, posesses an uncanny resistance to the gaze of a Basilisk, which has allowed him to learn more about them than any other creature alive. (Beastmaster)

Specialty: Lizardmaster: Bron increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Basilisks, Greater Basilisks, or Sacred Basilisks he commands for each level he attains after the 4th level. He is also immune to the Basilisks' Petrify.

DARKSTORM: Darkstorm has proven time and again that any who challenge him meet a quick end. He continues to be a dangerous and powerful presence in this new world where his reputation precedes him like the dark clouds before a thunderstorm. (Witch)

Specialty: Dark Storm: Darkstorm's skill in Air Magic is improved.

LORELEI: Shortly after the demon attack, Lorelei began a crime wave that earned her the nickname "Nightblade." She robbed more communities than anyone can imagine, stashing her plunder in secret caches. She was a one-woman scourge. Whenever the pressure is on, Lorelei simply disappears to some secret hideout for a few months. (Beastmaster)

Specialty: Nightblade: Lorelei has the Hoarding ability. She is treated as a level 4 creature with 10 in her stack.

ODDREMA: Name your price and the person you want dead. Oddrema is the one to hire when you want someone to disappear. This sultry slith is so good at her job, in fact, that when you try to hire her you can't be wholly certain that she isn't on the job at that moment - coming for you. (Beastmaster)

Specialty: Rouge Slith: All Slithi, Ancient Slithi, and Poisonous Slithi in Oddrema's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on second level.

ELLESHAR: Elleshar is a rugged satyr who seldom jokes. He believes in hard work and self reliance, and considers his duty to protect the natural world paramount to everything. So, he has committed himself to what he calls 'the endless battle against those who would spoil the natural order'. (Witch)

Specialty: Panpipes: All Fauns, Satyrs, and Elder Fauns in Elleshar's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every level of the hero, starting on the first level.

KTRACH: The "death spirit". That's what they call the fearsome Ktrach in the Ruins. This strong, nimble, merciless, scaled Witch takes no prisoners, putting to the sword all who cross this lizardman's path. (Witch)

Specialty: Whirlwind: Attacking an enemy, Ktrach always attacks a 6-tile area (the half of its adjacent tiles in front of it), delivering damage to all who are within it.

NIFFROLUS: This huge white werebear was found by the beastmen in the far north. Niffrolus has ferocious teeth, powerful claws and vile-smelling breath that strikes terror into all those who cross his path. (Witch)

Specialty: Lycanthrope: All Wolfmen, Werewolves, and Lycanthropes in Niffrolus's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every level of the hero, starting on the second level.
The Fortress!

Tier 1. Defender: The Defenders are still like HOMM5. No need to really change...
Tier 1. Upg. Shieldguard: Again, not much change.
Tier 1. Alt. Moutain Guard: Yah, I can`t help myself. Hold Ground was renamed to something more dwarvern: Hold Yer Ground!
2 Tier 1. Gnome: Halflings are back in the form of gnomes! Much like the one in HOMM4, with Giant Slayer and all! See Image
2 Tier 1. Upg. War Gnome: I had trouble think of upgrades... So, has war paint.
2 Tier 1. Alt. Gnomish Slinger: As was said above, I had trouble with these. Their Giant Slayer is more powerful.
Tier 2. Spearwielder: Hey, I liked these guys! They still are are spear throwing dwarves of the old (new, but not HOMM6) game!
Tier 2. Upg. Skirmisher: So, no improvment from HOMM5 but an improvment to Spearwielders! Like HOMM5, has these abilities: Shooter, Crippling Wound, and No Melee Penelty
Tier 2. Alt. Whaler: Rename of Harpooner, unless Harpooner fits better. Still the same basic abilities.
2 Tier 2. Gear Warrior: See, Mechanical! A rusty metal man with a sword for one arm, not really high tech, looks more likes it`s run by a series of gears... Has the Mechanical* ability. See Image
2 Tier 2. Upg. Gear Soilder: Now has a chaingun instead of a sword and of course, becomes a Shooter with No Melee Penelty and Ranged Penelty.
2 Tier 2. Alt. Gear Engineer: They have a blowtorch instead of a sword and can use the pikeman Long Attack. They can also Repair like Gremlins!
Tier 3. Brawler: Like HOMM5... again...
Tier 3. Upg. Berserker: Still HOMM5ish...
Tier 3. Alt. Battlerager: I can feel this thread`s popularity go down with every dwarf!
2 Tier 3. Bear: No, this does NOT have a dwarf riding on it! Other than that, it`s just like HOMM5, no armour or saddle tho. Large Creature.
2 Tier 3. Upg. Black Bear: Now is a black bear with armor. Not the dumb animal abusive armour from HOMM5, a new style of armor. Wait, how did dwarves got black bears in the first place? Large Creature.
2 Tier 3. Alt. Polar Bear: What did ''Whitebear'' even mean? Fun Fact! Polar Bear fur isn't really white. It's clear! The snow reflects and the fur appears white. They look yellow in most zoos. (Offtopic) Large Creature.
Tier 4. Rocket Squad: Yup, three gnomes. One with dynamite. One with a bazooka. One that just looks around with binoculars. It's a Shooter that's no stronger than any other Tier 4 Shooter. Has Plant Dynamite**. Large Creature.
Tier 4 Upg. Bomb Squad: The once useless gnome now chucks TNT at enemies when their special called Gnomish Bombs***. Large Creature.
Tier 4 Alt. Demolition Squad: They had had a huge boost on attack and can Attack Walls****. Large Creature.
2 Tier 4. Roc: Two possible reactions for the Roc: Yay! 1.Thanks so much for not adding Thanes or Rune Priests! or 2.Boo! I really liked Rune Priests! But, still thanks for the no Thanes... Large Creature. See Image
2 Tier 4. Upg. Thunderbird: A more lightningy cousin of Suzakus. Large Creature.
2 Tier 4. Alt. Suzaku: Do you have a better idea? Phoenix is neutral along with Firebirds and does really any fantasy creature fit as an upgrade to Rocs other these two? Large Creature.
Tier 5. Fire Dragon: They look and act the same way as before. Large Creature.
Tier 5. Upg. Magma Dragon: Same as above. Large Creatue.
Tier 5. Alt. Lava Dragon: Same as above. Large Creature.
2 Tier 5. Steam Tank: Any other Warcraft fans? A tank that can use an Area Attack. Large Creature. See Image
2 Tier 5. Upg. Gearborn Tank: This tank has fortifications and WAY more defence and health, but is slower. The style is more simular to Gear Warriors. Large Creature.
2 Tier 5. Alt. Blaststrike Tank: Now has double barrels and a gnome on top of it. Has Double Strikes. Large Creature.
GRAIL Flame of Arkath: A special unit, trained from the dwarvern Grail. It's a Magma Dragon that's way bigger and has useless wings on it's back. It breaths enormous bursts of flames at enemies, giving it Explosive Breath*****.
After the events of HOMM5, the dwarves remained in a contest for land with the newly corrupted dark elves. However, during a new tunnel's construction, they unearthed an ancient techology based race known as gnomes. The gnomes helped the dwarves by giving them their tanks and gearborn, as well as taming the rocs.

* This creature isn't living, demonic or undead, and are immune to spells that effect any of these.
** The creature may give up it's turn to plant dynamite in the ground. The next creature to step on it (friend or foe) is injured based on the amount of creatures.
*** There is a 50% chance the creature will throw TNT at an enemy, dealing double the normal damage.
**** The attack hits twice, otherwise, the same.
***** Renamed 6-Headed Attack.

Heroes (Runelord, Rune Priest)

ERLING: The tame white owl, Trolinga, who slumbers peacefully on Erling's shoulder, was with him when Erling returned from an extended winter trapping expedition. Questions about it meet only with a secretive smile. As well as the owl, Erling returned from that journey with a profound knowledge of Runic Magic, and many dwarves wonder just exactly where he went that winter, and who he met. (Rune Priest)

Specialty: Mysterious Knowledge: Rune Magic costs less to use and is more effective for Erling.

TINK: Tink was unknown by most gnomes back in their underground city, and still after the dwarves found it. But, during the Second Winter, Tink stumbled across the Great Roc Nest. Bringing with him two roc eggs, he made a collar that would make the birds friendly towards dwarves. Now Tink would still be unknown, if he wasn't supplying the dwarves tamed rocs. (Runelord)

Specialty: Roc King: All Rocs, Thunderbirds, and Suzakus in Tink's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every three levels of the hero, starting on first level. Also, increases the growth rate of Rocs, Thunderbirds, and Suzakus while this hero is in the town by one.

KARLI: Karli spent many a year in the underworld smithies, studying ancient formulae and experimenting with various alloys and components in order to create the finest weapons possible. The warriors led by Karli have the best-balanced arms, giving them noticeable advantages in the battlefield. (Runelord)

Specialty: Sharp Blade: All Spearwielders, Skirmishers and Whalers in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

EBBA: Among the dwarves' most amazing heroines stands Ebba, small and ruthless, who was brought up by a family of bears. When she first appeared among them, few recognised that this nubbin of feral frenzy was in fact a dwarf. But Ebba soon gained prestige and even the loyalty and adoration of those stern warriors of the North, the bears. (Runelord)

Specialty: Bear Lord Lady: All Bears, Blackbears and Polar Bears in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

TINA: Dwarven miners searching for tin chipped this gnome from a shell of solid stone where she had been imprisoned for centuries. No one knows how she got there, not even her, so the dwarves named her Tina. All that remains is to find out who she is and where she came from. (Rune Priest)

Specialty: Lady of Stone: Tina supplies 5 ore at the start of every week.

KROG: Krog is an orc who, as a child, was seperated from his parents and left alone in the woods. He would have been killed by wolves, if Darlig, the rune priest, hadn't been hiking. Nearly stepping on the child, Darlig raised Krog as his own. Now the two have an inseperable bond. (Runelord)

Specialty: Orcish Runelord: Krog starts with the 2 basic Warcries, as well as the ability to use Runic Magic.

DARLIG: When the gnomes were discovered and dwarves started using technology, many rune priests felt they weren't needed anymore and disapeared. It's lucky for Krog that Darlig wasn't one of them. While on an hiking trip, the priest nearly stepped on the child, who lied in the snow. Raising the orc as his own, he trained Krog in the ways of Runic Magic. (Rune Priest)

Specialty: Orc's Luck: Darlig never has negetive luck. Also, he can never have negetive moral if Krog is in his army.

DAG'RASOK: Deep down in the bowels of the earth, the incandescent heat of the bubbling lava lakes serve as the homelands for this lava dragon. This fire-breathing monster will reduce their enemy to a pile of ash, and can also leave in his wake a wall of flames that will continue to burn long after Dag have moved on. (Rune Priest)

Specialty: Draconic Capabilities: In addition to his normal damage, Dag'Rasok leaves a fire wall in the place where he has attacked his target. The fire wall lasts for 2 turns, and deals 10 damage per turn and 5 more for every level of the hero, starting on the second level.

Campaingn Heroes

KING METROCOG: Metrocog, the son of the late king Mechelmuk, is the king of the gnomish people. Though not a constently loved king, he still does a great job. Elected during the Second Winter, He tirlessly helps king Tolghar in his quest. (Rune Priest)

Specialty: Gnomish King: Metrocog contributes 250 gold pieces in kingdom treasury per day. He also has a 2% per level discount for troop training in Fortress towns.

ZIZEE: Zizee is THE gnome rune priest. He is quite smart and learned about Runes almost directly after the gnome's discovery. However, making changes in a gnomish way, he renamed himself a technomancer. Zizee only wishes to open his dream: Zizee's School of Technomancy! (Rune Priest)

Specialty: Technomancer: All Gear Warriors, Soilders, and Engineers in Zizee's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

KING TOLGHAR:Though a good man, Tolghar lives in constant fear: fear that he is not good enough for his people; fear that he is not pure enough for his god; fear that he may be taking the wrong decisions; fear that the chaos surrounding his country will eventually affect him. He is easily manipulated by counsellors and kin who have learnt to play his fears like a "bhak-zad" -- the dwarven pipe organ. (Runelord)

Specialty: King of the Stone Halls: All creatures in Tolghar's army have "Rune of Thunderclap" effect permanently active (it refreshes at the start of the creature's turn).

Campaign Story

The campaign follows at first, King Tolghar, until you uncover the Gnomes. Then the story moves directly to Zizee the Technomancer, before ending as King Metrocog and Zizee. The dwarves are also featured in the tutorial level: Krog and Darlig.

Heroes (In General)
To explain heroes, every one has a unique model (Krog is an orc riding a mammoth, Dace is a minotaur on a lizard, Dag'Rasok is a lava dragon, ect, ect) They can enter combat, have multiple heroes at once, have creatures with no heroes, and heroes with no creatures. So, basicaly HOMM4 heroes with specialties. There's even a few HOMM4 heroes in the mix!

Tier 1. Imp: More like the HOMM4 one but yellow like HOMM3. Trained at Crucible.

Tier 1. Upg. Familiar: Familiar with these guys? Horrible joke, I know. He now embraces the red side. And the Mana Stealer's side! Trained at Dark Crucible.

Tier 1. Alt. Vermin: Now he's got gray skin and a flask. He can Siphon Mana. Trained at Vermin Crucible.

2 Tier 1. Charred Bones: Like a skelly that's been burnt out. Has the Demonic ability, as well as the Skeletal. (the one from HoMM 4)

2 Tier 1. Upg. Charred Pyromancer: Now it wears a cloak and his hands are on fire. Can cast Fireball (Mastery None).

2 Tier 1. Alt. Soldier of Hell: This one is in a suit of armour and is fully on fire. It has Fire Shield. Boom.

Tier 2. Gog: Like the HoMM 3 one.

Tier 2. Upg. Magog: Also like the HoMM 3 one.

Tier 2. Alt: Hellgog: Like a gog in heavy armour. He also has No Melee Penelty, Range Penelty, and Chain Strike*.

Sun Hawk
Dragon Slayer
Heavenly Knight
Minotaur Slave (Concept from HOMM5)
Black Dragon (From HOMM4 CTG)
Tunnel Hydra (HOMM5 Hydra Concept)
Enormous Frog (Less Cartoony)
Gear Warrior
Steam Tank[/i]

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