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 Lizard Campaings

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PostSubject: Lizard Campaings   Lizard Campaings I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 10:26 am

What about,camaing?I think we need a campaing,lizard town isn't complete,but we can put some neutral creatures.I start to make a campaing and implement these creatures:
Lizard Cavalery lvl 6
Lizard Campaings Mn0pqe
Brutal or Asaulter(choose the name) lvl 5
Lizard Campaings Lizard
Lich Emperor lvl 10
Lizard Campaings 21cc902
Aztrong lvl 10
Lizard Campaings 2j2c4tv

About campaing,first scenario is nearly complete.The campanig is about Aztrong,the first lizard who became knight,but no in Erathia.He founded a order with the objective:"...unite soldiers from all nations,conquer and protect the world for kreegans,humans,undeads and anythink who want to destroy or conquer him for eternity..."

I need more opinons about neutral creatures and dwellings,what neutral creatures do you prefer post any idea of campaings and sugesstions here.
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Lizard Campaings
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